Suomeen saapuvat oppilaat

Sopisiko teidän perheeseen mukava nuori ulkomailta? Etsimme isäntäperheitä elokuussa 2023 saapuville vaihto-oppilaille. Vaihtareita tulossa useista eri maista kuten USA:sta, Kanadasta, Japanista, Thaimaasta, Taiwanista, Ranskasta, Italiasta ja Saksasta. Kysy lisää ja tilaa isäntäperheen infopaketti!


Pohjois-Amerikka, Kanada, USA, Meksiko

Eduardo 17 v, poika, Meksiko (vaihtoaika 10 kk)

Harrastukset: Musiikin kuuntelu, kitaran ja basson soitto, videopelit, kuntosali
Kielitaito: espanja, englanti, japani, suomi (alkeet)

I’m learning Finnish and I’m very excited for that because languages are very interesting for me, I have studied English and I have been taking Japanese classes for over a year and I know a bit of it, I’d also like to learn more languages in the future such as French and Korean. I love music, specially 60’s music, my favorite artist are The Beatles, but I also like other artist such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and The Zombies. I also love to play music, I play the guitar since I was 7 years old. I also play the ukulele, bass and ocarina, I also know a thing or two about piano. I love videogames, especially Nintendo games. When the pandemic started, I started going to the gym and I’m enjoying it very much, it has now become part of my daily routine.


Isabelle 16 v, tyttö, USA (vaihtoaika noin 5 kk)

Harrastukset: Kuvataide, kirjoittaminen, lukeminen, musiikin kuuntelu, ompelu,
askartelu, lentopallo, koripallo, murtomaahiihto
Kielitaito: englanti, espanja

I live with my mom, dad, and my sister! Meillä on kolme hevosta, kuusi kanaa, yksi vuohi, ja kaksi koiraa. One of my favorite things to do when I have the chance is to explore and look for bones, mushrooms, crystals, and rocks! I also love art, literature, and music. I also enjoy reading and writing with short stories being my favorite things to write about. I am not a musician, but I have a passion for music history and learning about subcultures like punk, metal, and goth! I want to be an exchange student is because I want to expand my horizons and challenge myself to grow. I chose Finland specifically because I find the country beautiful, captivating, and inspiring. I hope to absorb as much of the language, culture, and environment as possible. Some things in specific I would like to learn more about is the art, music, and
environmental culture of Finland!


Päivitämme pian tietoja USA:sta ja Kanadasta saapuvista oppilaista

Aasia: Japani, Thaimaa, Taiwan

Yuri 15 v. tyttö, Japani, (vaihtoaika 10 kk)

Harrastukset: klarinetin soitto, laulaminen, elokuvien katselu, lukeminen
Kielitaito: englanti, suomi (alkeet)

I’m a curious person and I am interested in many things. I belong to the school’s brass band and play the clarinet. I have been playing for two and a half years but I am still learning. I like singing too. When I spend time with my friends, we often go to karaoke. As for sports, I used to practice karate for 4 years when I was elementary school student. I am an only child. My mother and I often take a walk while chatting in the neighborhood. We both like reading too. My father lives and works in Korea. We travel and visit different places for sightseeing every year. I would like to try blueberry picking and diving into the lake after sauna and enjoy the nature of Finland. My favorite food is sweets, so I am looking forward to eating “mustikkapiirakka”. Furthermore, I am interested in trying “karjalanpiirakka”.


Kenta, poika 16 v. Japani, (vaihtoaika 10 kk)

Harrastukset: valokuvaus ja yleisurheilu, pyöräily, karaoke
Kielitaito: japani, englanti

I live with my mother in one of the south islands of Japan. We are a small family, but we are definitely close. My mother and I both enjoy going to the sea on our days off. We also like to go walking in the forest to cool down on hot days. Finland is an opposite climate, so I am looking very much forward to experiencing the winters and cold weathers in Finland! My hobbies are photography and playing sports, I’m a member of the track and field club at school. After school and on holidays I like to go cycling, karaoke and shopping with my friends. When I learned about the Finnish education, I found it very appealing. I am very much looking forward to how people live in Finland and Finnish events such as saunas and Christmas. I also like
cooking, so I would like to cook something we can enjoy together.


Akane, tyttö 16 v. Japani (vaihtoaika 10 kk)

Harrastukset: lukeminen, pianon soitto
Kielitaito: japani, englanti

My family consist of 3 people, my mother, my father and me. My mother is a nurse, I sometimes play table tennis with her. My father is an engineer, I sometimes go fishing with him. I love reading books. I am looking forward to going to a library in Finland. Also, I can play the piano. I would like to practice playing the piano in Finland too. Lastly, I like to watch movies and musical.
In high school, I belong to an English club, a library club and English debate team. In my home economics class, I learned that in Finland there is a system of giving items necessary for childcare to all families with a baby. I was deeply impressed with the
system. Also, in Finland I hear that the nature is really beautiful. In Finland there are a lot of saunas. I love hot springs so I am looking forward to going to a sauna. I sometimes cook meals when my family comes home very late, so I can help you cook meals. Let’s make a dish together!


Nawaporn 15 v. tyttö, Thaimaa (vaihtoaika 10 kk)

Harrastukset: Lukeminen, musiikin ja podcastien kuuntelu, lentopallo, sulkapallo
Kielitaito: thai. englanti

I am an only child. I was born in Thailand. My mother works abroad. So, I grew up with my aunt. Now I’m in grade 9, and my school is in the town of the province. I’m currently preparing for the high school entrance exam. In my free time, I love to read novels, I like to listen to ASMR, podcasts, and music. I enjoy watching videos of Vtuber Channels. They have a very interesting variety in the clip. Listen to them sing, play games, do ASMR, study, and talk to fans. Sometimes I love to play sports has made me stronger like Volleyball and Badminton. I’m not allergic to any food. I hope we can cook together.


Pichayadan (Ploy) 16 v. tyttö, Thaimaa (lukuvuosi 10 kk)

Harrastukset: Sulkapallo, uinti, laulu, kokkaus, tanssi, matkustelu, rullaluistelu
Kielitaito: thai, englanti

I’m from Thailand, the land of smiles. When talking about my personality, I’m friendly, I love making new friends, and I am flexible and resilient. When I have free time, I enjoy listening to music I’m fond of watching video clips of K-POP artists on
YouTube. I like to play sports, I can play badminton and basketball, and I’m trying to improve my sports skills to stay healthy and I’m not allergic to anything. I’m not picky about food. I enjoy helping my mom cooking for dinner every day. There are 9 people in my family. My parents, brother, sister, aunt, grandparents, and me. My school and home are 60 kilometers apart so I have to get up early every day to go to school on time. I go to school by bus. I like my school. I know that Finland is a country of quality education, and I would like to experience that country, to develop myself, my family, and my country. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to learn Finnish culture and language.


Hsiang-Yu 16 v. tyttö, Taiwan (vaihtoaika 10 kk)

Harrastukset: Laulaminen, pianon soitto ja leipominen
Kielitaito: kiina, englanti

I’m a girl who was born in a lovely family with two children, my little brother is an 8th grade student, and both my parents are teachers in elementary school. As the oldest child in my family, looking after all my young cousins is always my responsibility during the Lunar New Year. I like to assign different duties to kids of different ages to make sure everyone gets the right position in the kitchen. We always enjoy our time making pancakes and decorating them. To me, family members are not only a kind of responsibility in life, but the important people who I can share all the happiness with. Having someone to love and share life with is a true blessing. The Finnish concept of Sisu really appeals to me. Grit, bravery, and resilience are three precious characteristics that I am eager to bring back to my country.



Eurooppa, Italia, Saksa, Ranska

Constanza, 16 v. tyttö, Italia (vaihtoaika 5 kk)

Harrastukset: Maalaus, lukeminen, kuntosali, leipominen, television katselu
Kielitaito: Englanti, ranska

My name is Costanza and I’m so excited to write this letter! I’ve always dreamed of living in another country, and now my dream is going to come true! I live in a city in the north of Italy, with my mom and my brother. I really like studying, mainly because I want to keep all my grades high, but also because I learn a lot of new things, so I always try to give my best at school. Despite all the commitments, I’ve managed to carry on all my hobbies! For example, I really like to paint. I also like to read. Now I work out at the gym because I can go there whenever I want. If I could choose, I would follow an ice-skating course, I LOVE IT, it’s just like roller skating, but on ice!!! Finally, I like cooking. But I LOVE baking cakes!!! It’s just awesome. All kind of cakes, from simple recipes, to cakes with multiple layers. (And of course I also love to eat them). I think that this exchange program will be a great occasion to learn something new every day. I am sure that it will be an unforgettable experience!


Jätä meille yhteystietosi niin olemme teihin yhteydessä, kun saamme uusia vaihto-oppilaita Euroopan maista. Syksyksi 2023 tulossa oppilaita Italiasta, Ranskasta ja Saksasta.